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Timber Times

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Logging Railroads of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, Volume 1


Take a trip back into the days of logging railroads in the southwestern part of Virginia, the northwestern part of North Carolina and the northeastern part of Tennessee. You'll discover an amazing number of long-forgotten railways, tram-roads, and narrow gauge lines, as well as many ghost towns in the Southern mountains that thrived at first, then faded with the passing of the logging industry. This new 288-page hardbound book is packed with 331 rare photos, 54 maps and 30 locomotive rosters, with 90 companies represented.

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Steam Echoes, The Railroad Photography of Glenn Beier


Glenn Beier is a photographic artist. Over fifty years ago, after graduating from the prestigious Art Center School of Photography in Los Angeles, he quietly began seeking out and photographing the last vestiges of steam-era railroading in the western United States. Inspired by those who came before him, Glenn purposely sought to capture the essence of narrow gauge, shortline and logging railroads of the West. Not satisfied with typical locomotive portaits, Glenn strove to create images that would evoke feelings of the power, massiveness and "aliveness" of the soon-to-vanish steam locomotives working in their natural habitats, and to record the character and individuality of the people who, on a daily basis, brought them to life and put them to work. His success in this lifelong endeavor speaks for itself-the stunning artistry of his black and white images will inspire us for generations to come. This 11" x 8-1/2" 288-page hardcover horizontal format book features SP Steam, The Sierra RR, West Side Lbr. Co., Pickering Lbr. Corp., Feather River Rwy., SP Narrow Gauge, Damp; RGW Narrow Gauge, Southwest Lbr. Mills, Hillcrest Lbr. Co. Ltd. and more!

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The Log Trains of Southern Idaho


This book has three histories: the railroads; the logging; and a regional saga of Weyerhaeuser operations during the height of the steam era. Boise Payette Lumber operated their own common carrier railroad, fostered two more and dominated a fourth. The whole story of Southern Idaho's logging history is covered in these railroads, the B-P's logging lines and that of competitor Hallack & Howard Lbr., supplemented with over 300 photos and maps. We're pleased to once again make available this long out of print book.

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Mallets on the Mendocino Coast


On the rough and rocky Redwood Coast of California lies the tiny settlement of Caspar, 125 nautical miles north of San Francisco and about five miles south of Fort Bragg. Operating from 1861 until 1955, the Caspar Lumber Company's mill at Caspar was supplied with timber for 75 of those years by the company's own private railroad. Originally known as the Jughandle Railroad, the standard-gauge line twice changed its name during its existence—first to Caspar & Hare Creek Railroad, later Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Railroad—and operated a fascinating array of motive power over the lightest of rail, crossing streams on tall timber trestles, to bring in virgin redwood logs from the forest. The Caspar Lumber Company also operated a fleet of coastal schooners, both sail and steam, to carry lumber from the "doghole" landing at Caspar to San Francisco and elsewhere. This facet of the operation makes for a fascinating story in itself. The railroad and the mill are now memories, but author Ted Wurm brings them back to life in this volume. Along with a detailed and lively history of the operation, the reader will find maps, bibliography and index, and the model builder will delight in scale drawings of a variety of the locomotives, cars and structures.

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Back Issues of TimberTimes Magazines

The first issue of TimberTimes magazine was published in the winter of 1993. Many of the issues have become collector's items and original copies of these issues are no longer available. We have photocopies available of out-of-print issues. The photocopies are full-size, trimmed, and saddle stapled. The price for photocopied issues is $7.00. The price for original issues is the original cover price, depending on the issue plus shipping.

Please call to order back issues.