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Building Supplies

(prices do not include shipping)

3M Transfer Tape


One inch by 60 yard rolls


Northeastern Flamingo Glue


4 oz. of pink adhesive specially formulated for model kit and scratch building. Incudes a 1/2 oz. soft bottle with (2) stainless steel applicator tips (.7mm) delivering a fine line of glue.


All Stripwood comes in bags of
16 pieces each 11" long.


HO Scale 1x2
N Scale 2x4



HO Scale 1x3
N Scale 2x6



HO Scale 1x4
N Scale 2x8



HO Scale 1x6
N Scale 2x12



HO Scale 1x8
N Scale 2x16



HO Scale 1x10
N Scale 2x20



HO Scale 2x2
N Scale 4x4



HO Scale 2x3
N Scale 4x6



HO Scale 2x4
N Scale 4x8



HO Scale 2x6
N Scale 4x12



HO Scale 2x8
N Scale 4x16



HO Scale 2x10
N Scale 4x20



HO Scale 2x12
N Scale 4x24



HO Scale 3x3
N Scale 6x6



HO Scale 4x4
N Scale 8x8



HO Scale 6x6
N Scale 12x12



HO Scale 8x8
N Scale 12x12



HO Scale 10x10
N Scale 20x20



HO Scale 12x12
N Scale 24x24