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S Scale Structures

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Outhouses (3 pack)


Out house’s were an icon until the late 50 in most of rural America and still many are in use today. The kit includes 3 unique out houses with seats.
Two single stall and one two stall. Use them behind the house or barn, or in your yard so your train crew has a place to go read.


BillCo Freight


Walls are cut form .025 basswood and includes laser cut windows and doors with adhesive backing and a bass wood dock. Deck in micro ply wood with engraved nail holes. Also has a set of stairs with assembly jig.
Foot print of the dock is 3 x 5 7/8 inch
building foot print in 3 x 3 inch


Vicky’s Veggie’s


A road side stand that can be used any were in any era. You will find many uses for this little building. Includes Tichy windows and doors, interior display cabinets plus a downloadable interior framing sheet by Clever models.
Footprint - 5 7/8” x 5 1/2" for the base. 


Steam Powered Sawmill with Planer


Scale lumber, custom resin and white metal castings. Custom window panes. (roof removed to show details).
Foot Print: 7" x 15 3/4" x 4"H