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O Scale Structures

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Split Level Outhouse


For that special spot on the layout. See how many of your visitors notice this little gem.


Saw Filer Shack


This Saw Filer Shack is modeled after one that was used Manary Logging Co.In Siletz Country Or. You don't need a logging layout to enjoy this kit, can you picture it being used as a flower shop, Garden center or artist studio. It's just small enough at a scale 12 by 24-6 ft. To fit in most any area. All the windows in the front walls are made so you can have then open to any position you like. Plan on some time with the windows as there are 20 in the front walls. As above all parts are supplied except the roofing and interior. McKenzie Iron and Steel co. is working on an interior for the saw filers building along with the Bunk house. I will post a contact and price when these kits are ready, I can't wait myself as they do some of the best casting out there.

For an independent review of this kit check out The Modelers Guild (link at bottom of page)


Camp Bunk House


Is based on some of the logging camp skid houses used in the northwest in the early 1900s through the end of the railroad logging. The kit is sized to fit on a B-man On30 flat car, but skid are supplied so you can set up camp and not tie up your revenue earning rolling stock or sidings. The car scales out at 12 ft wide and 24 ft 6" long. The kit is cut from birch plywood and all the widows are laser cut with cut to fit glazing. All the trim and widows are cut from sticky back veneer except the corners witch are milled angle stock. The only parts not supplied are the roofing and Interior. The roofing is glue down tar paper.


Greg's Saloon and Repair Shop


A small structure based on a design by Paul Templar.
Has Saloon doors and all signs as shown. The saloon is named for the husband of one of my
co-workers that has cancer and could not find
a Saloon for his layout.
Footprint: 6.25” x 8.5”


Skid Shacks


These little shacks were used by Weyerhauser at their McDonald-Vail camps. They had built over 90 of them. After the end of Railroad logging they were used as crossing shacks and storage shacks. With a foot print of 10 x 20 feet they will fit almost anywhere. Kit inclues shack and 2 bunk bed kits. Thanks to Frank Telewski PH.D. for the use of his drawings. 


Dave's Hardware


Card sub-frame, laser cut board on board siding with peal and stick interior wall laser cut windows and doors.
Footprint 5.5" x 6"


Main Street Store


False front stores like these were a staple on main streets all over North America.
Footprint: 5.75" x 7.5"


Old Town Shop


This could be a Blacksmith shop, Gunsmith shop, Carriage Repair shop or any other tradesman's shop.
Footprint: 5.75" x 7.5"


Dead Wood Gazette


The kit has a card sub-frame, laser cut board on board siding with peal and stick metal standing seam roofing, laser cut windows and doors.
Footprint: 4.5" x 7"


Carl's Cabin


Carl’s cabin is like many that were found in logging and mining camps. Today you will find them used as hunting camps, vacation getaways and can even be used as a wrong side of the tracks house.
Footprint: 4.0" x 7.25"


Mispillion Lighthouse


This kit is based on the light house built in 1873 and in use until 1929.
Footprint: 6" x 8"


Jack’s Cabin Water Tank


Modeled from the D&RGW Narrow Gauge Prototype. Track and scenery are not included.
Footprint: 4” wide by 5.5" deep.


Sawmill Outbuildings


Craftsman Kit: Bunkhouse, Cookhouse, Tool Shed, Outhouse, Kappler scale lumber, custom window panes.
Footprint: Mess Hall - 5 1/2" x 7" x 4 1/2"H
Bunk House - 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 4"H


Steam Sawmill with Planer


Craftsman Kit: Kappler scale lumber, custom white metal castings (roof removed to show detail). 
Footprint: 9" x 20 1/2" x 5 3/8"H


Potato House


Includes Lean-to extension, Several Window, door and chimney options plus 12 wood barrels and 10 pallets. Laser Cut Accuracy, Precise Fit, Easy Assembly.
Footprint: including steps and lean-to: 8.25” x 13.125" with-out lean-to 11.125”.


Randolph Depot


The perfect station for any railroad. This kit has been designed to accurately represent the prototype structure in O scale. Builds either early or late version. More than 230 pieces of precision laser cut wood, and shingle sheets. Roof panels have scribed peal and stick installed.
Footprint: 12 3/4” wide x 10” deep. Without platform: 9” x 9”