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Future Kits

We are always working on new products here at RSLaser Kits.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to email us.

Watch this space for more products in the future.
You never know what we will do next.

Booth Kelly's Company Store

Booth Kelly Company Store in Saginaw, OR.
I'm still working on the second floor and other details and am hoping to have ready soon. It is taking longer then I hoped to get all the parts done how I what them done.

Company House

Modeled after the company homes erected by the Huntsville Tannery from Central Ontario, Canada. These row houses are slightly different than the usual company homes we have seen before.

Quonset Hut

A Quonset hut is a lightweight prefabricated structure of corrugated galvanized steel having a semicircular cross-section. Developed in the United States, the design was based on the Nissen hut introduced by the British during World War I. Hundreds of thousands were produced during World War II and military surplus was sold to the public. The name comes from their site of first manufacture, Quonset Point, at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center in Davisville (a village located within the town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, U.S.).

D & H Water Tower

need description

Scale House

A companion kit for our WIlls Feed and Seed kit.

Grain Silo

A companion kit for our WIlls Feed and Seed kit.

Water Car

Another in the series of N and Nn3 rolling stock.

Monson Woodshed

One of Stevens Creek Models.

Chicago Park Depot

One of Stevens Creek Models.

Clamity Jane's
A diorama by Bob Hayden

One of Stevens Creek Models.

Thatcher's Outlet

One of Stevens Creek Models.

Monson Tool House and Car Shed

One of Stevens Creek Models.